Main general conditions


Main General Conditions

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3.1. If a client has discovered a possible ground for liability of Het Voorhof or reasonably should have discovered such a ground, he is bound to inform Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof in any case within two months thereafter, failure which his claim will expire. Any liability of Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof expires two years after the Client has first notified his claim in writing, unless the claim is filed before the competent court.
3.2. Any liability of Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof is always limited to the amount covered by the professional liability insurance, plus the amount that falls under the own risk of Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof according to the policy conditions.
3.3. Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof is never liable for indirect damage and / or consequential damages and / or loss of profits. The liability of Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof never goes beyond the provisions of these terms, whether as a result of claims arising from contract or other reasons, such as tort. Other than the client no third parties can derive any rights from the contract and/or the (non) performance of any obligation thereunder. Client shall indemnify Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof for all claims of third parties.
3.4. In carrying out the contract, the parties can communicate by electronic mail. Parties are not liable for damages towards each other resulting from the use of electronic mail, provided they do everything that reasonably can be expected of them to avoid risks such as spread of viruse.
4.1. Unless otherwise agreed, the fees of Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof are based on the number of hours worked Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof is entitled to adjust its hourly rate and fees. This change is also applicable if it has not been previously communicated. Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof is entitled to request an advance payment from the client at any time.
4.2. Payment of the invoices of Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof must be made within 14 days after the invoice date, and in case of any failure by the Client forthwith. Client does not have the right of set-off or suspension. All (extra) judicial costs of Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof relating to the recovery of its claims will be borne by Client. These are set at 15% of the principal amount owed. Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof also has a right to default interest equal to the statutory commercial interest rate with a surcharge of 3 points.
4.3. Advocatenkantoor Het Voorhof also has the right to set-off what it conditionally and / or reasonably foreseeably has to claim from the Client and / or will have to settle with what it or its affiliated foundation Stichting Derdengelden owe to the Client and / or will reasonably be due to the Client. 5.4. Dutch law is applicable to this agreement at the exclusion of all other potentially applicable jurisdictions. Parties will not communicate disputes relating to or in connection with the agreement to third parties. These will only be submitted to the jurisdiction of the court in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.